IAAM Academic Council

The International Association of Advanced Materials has constituted an academic council with the sole purpose of providing a healthy exposure to the students pursuing courses in science along with a wide range of opportunities. This council is the next big step that the International Association of Advanced Material has taken to attract more and more young minds towards the world of advanced materials and help them develop an understanding of science.

It is the principle belief of IAAM that students and young minds are the building blocks of any walk of life. With this thought of mind, the association is targeting schools and hoping to form long-term collaborations with them and organize various events. IAAM aims to help the students avail all the resources that they need to plan their future and find their place in the world of advanced materials and materials science.

The IAAM Academic Council is meant to target every student that is willing to pursue a long-term career in science and willing to bring a positive change to the world. The council will help the students gain information and make highly confident and informed decisions regarding their careers in the sphere of science. Moreover, the council aims to infuse a spirit to join or pursue careers in science among the students right in their formative age.

Our Activities and Aim For Future

Organizing events in school

The International Association of Advanced Materials aims to inspire the students right in their formative years through various means. For this reason, the Academic Council is going to regularly organize events like speech, seminar, and workshops for the students in their schools. The experts of the association, through these events, will help the students develop an understanding of the world of science. Also, these workshops and seminars will prove highly beneficial for the students in order to gain exposure.

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Spreading awareness

Through the multiple events that IAAM Academic Council will organize among the students, the association will spread an awareness among the students as to why the world of advanced materials, and largely, the entire Science, is quite crucial for the world. These events and workshops will be leveraged into making the students understand how science is the answer to most of the problems and issues that the world faces right now. Moreover, the association hopes to inspire the students, right in their small age, to pursue the world of science and the niche of advanced materials in order to make a positive impact to the world around them.

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Valuable guidance

The Academic Council of IAAM will provide all kinds of guidance and support to the students who wish to be a part of the scientific world. For the students who wish to pursue research at a higher level, the interaction with experts of the International Association will prove to be highly beneficial. Moreover, the experts at the association will also help the students realize their strengths and in deciding which degree or program they should choose for themselves in order to optimize their chances of doing well in the world of science. The Academic Council will help the students grow in terms of confidence and become an important member of the advanced materials community.

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