IAAM Volunteer

In the last decade, the International Association of Advanced Materials has grown immensely and has seen tremendous success. Besides the vision, mission, and the leadership of the organization, this success is also the result of the valuable contributions of our member volunteers. The organizations have always been running smoothly because of the valuable contributions of our members and volunteers.

IAAM is a member-driven organization. The organization considers all kinds of help and cooperation highly valuable, irrespective of the size or magnitude. Whether you have been involved with the organization for a couple of days or for years, IAAM is always in the search for bright and enthusiastic volunteers working at any career level with all kinds of interests.

IAAM is known for providing its volunteers with a wide range of opportunities. These opportunities are both short term and long term and they are in line with the skills, interests, and expertise of the volunteers. All the IAAM volunteers gain hands-on experience of working in an interdisciplinary environment. This experience helps them easily advance in their careers of materials science and engineering. Also, working with IAAM as a volunteer helps people develop their leadership skills and also build a strong network of professionals in the materials science community.

IAAM Volunteer opportunities are made available exclusively to the IAAM members. Not a member yet? Join today! For any enquiry related to volunteer opportunities, please contact Us.