Submit Proposals for Publication

International Association of Advanced Materials is one of the oldest publication organizations with not-for-profit initiatives. Over the years, the association has been extensively promoting publications in the materials science industry. With contributions from some of the best scientific minds of the world, the association has been releasing content regularly and has been doing its bit in facilitating a widespread dissemination of scientific knowledge and research.

The association invites scholars and academicians to submit special issue proposals for its international open access scientific journals. The basic goal behind releasing these issues to present a set of papers regarding a particular set of advanced materials.

The potential editors should submit proposals that include the grounds for selecting the special issue topic. The proposal should also place the work in literature along with a few topics for the work to include. The editors are also required to submit the following documents:

  • The proposal, including the title, description, and topics to be covered.
  • CVs/short biographies of the guest editors
  • Any supplementary information such as plans for workshops or symposium in IAAM congresses.

To submit a proposal, please send email at :