Live Knowledge at WebTM

Live Knowledge at WebTM is a unique format that the leadership of the International Association of Advanced Materials has come up to enable a smoother flow of the chain of scientific knowledge and importance. In this format, IAAM will utilize the virtual space of internet to organize international events pertaining to materials science. The association will utilize this format to bring together the materials science community in a virtual space without them having to travel at all. ‘Live Knowledge at WebTM’ will prove to be an extremely useful tool as it will eliminate the need to travel from the world of scientific research and conferences. In this manner, IAAM will enable experts from around the world to share their expertise and new ideas among their peers without being physically present. Moreover, all the lectures and talks recorded in this format will become a part of literature and will be made available to audiences across the globe.

Under this unique format, IAAM has decided to utilize the world of internet to hold Advanced Materials WebCongressesTM from time to time. This concept has been conceived with an aim to establish a Live Cloud platform of knowledge to avoid the disruption of scientific knowledge chain in this time of distress.

As part of the newly conceived concept and approach of ‘Live Knowledge at WebTM’, International Association of Advanced Materials will give the audiences around the world access to highly informative scientific lectures that will be delivered in a series of topical international WebConferences. These conferences will be organized specific to the areas of materials science, engineering, and technology for researchers, engineers, students, professionals, business giants, etc. to present their research results and discuss path-breaking ideas in this time of COVID-19 pandemic. This truly innovative setup of WebConference optimizes the interaction among the delegates of the conference by placing all of them in a virtual domain.

Advanced Materials WebCongressTM

Under the format of ‘Live Knowledge at WebTM’, International Association of Advanced Materials is organizing the Advanced Materials WebCongressTM (AMWeb), which consists of a number of international WebConferences that will contain a huge number of interactive and technical sessions. The AMWeb is the world’s largest Online Materials Congress and will run for as many as 1000 hours with participants from around 150 countries. The WebCongress will bring the materials science community together and facilitate a number of virtual conferences that will display the recent progresses in the field of materials science and new discoveries for empowering the materials science community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the first phase, the AMWeb will run from 31 August 2020 to 31 March 2021, under the format of ‘Live Knowledge at WebTM, and will offer dedicated online sessions which will be highly stimulating and enriching for the participants. These sessions will witness acclaimed scientists, researchers, and industry professionals discussing the progresses of materials science and the challenges and opportunities in the world of advanced materials science, engineering, and technology during the times of COVID-19 pandemic.

Video Proceedings

Working forward with the format of ‘Live Knowledge at Web’, IAAM will publish all the lectures and presentations delivered in the AMWeb in its official open access video proceeding journal, ‘Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials’ after following the due peer-review process. By doing so, IAAM will create one of the largest cloud platforms of scientific knowledge and lectures. This journal will be published in the format of Open Access and will be accessible to all the students and researchers around the world. These videos and lectures will prove to be highly instrumental in igniting an interest of materials science and technology in the minds of young students and professionals. All these lectures will be the part of scientific literature and will be accessible for various purposes such as referencing.

By coming up with this unprecedented format of ‘Live Knowledge at WebTM’ coupled with the 1000 hour long Advanced Materials WebCongressTM (AMWeb), IAAM hopes to support the materials community in order to function in an optimum manner in the time of COVID-19 pandemic.