IAAM Network

Established in the year 2010, International Association of Advanced Materials has always been on the rise in terms of its network. Soon after the association was established, it gained prominence in the world of materials science and technology. Ten years later, today, IAAM is one of the largest networks of materials science researchers and scientists. The IAAM community has grown to become a huge one with members from more than 120 countries from all over the world.

Global Reach

International Association of Advanced Materials has more than 15000 members that join to form a vibrant community. Having members from all the seven continents of the world, IAAM has reached all corners of the world. Still growing at a rapid pace, the IAAM community expands with each passing year. Having organized as many as 32 international conferences in different parts of the world, IAAM has emerged as one of the industry leaders. In this new decade, it is the sincerest aspiration of the International Association of Advanced Materials to take the Advanced Materials Congress to all continents of the world. By doing so, the organization aims to spread awareness about the field of advanced materials in the local communities of the relatively lesser active scientific areas. Moreover, this initiative taken by the association will also result in the formation of new partnerships and collaborations among the scientific bodies and individuals from all across the world. IAAM network has been on a steep rise ever since the beginning and the organization has left no stone unturned in helping its members advance to the next level of their careers.

Engaging Talent

IAAM is dedicated to nurturing new talent and bringing them to the forefront of the scientific world. As an organization, the International Association of Advanced Materials has always been focused on exploiting possibilities and building the future. With this view, the organization strives to recognize new talent and promote them so that they reach pinnacles in the world of materials science and technology. The extensive resources of IAAM like international journals along with the interdisciplinary conferences also play an instrumental part in attracting young and worthy talent towards IAAM. By giving young students and professionals from all over the world a prestigious opportunity to interact with world-renowned scientists from around the world, IAAM gives them an opportunity to gain a highly valued exposure. The organization works to provide young professionals the most valuable opportunities to make a positive difference and contribute to the scientific world.