Baltic Conference Series

Baltic Conference Series (BCS) is a comprehensive forum meant to showcase the latest trends in Climate Neutral Research, Innovations, and Technology across various sectors. The forum calls biannual meetings on the Baltic Sea to discuss the advancements of smart innovation and technology for clean and sustainable society. The motto of BCS is to promote “Climate Neutral R&D and Green Tech”.

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How to get involved with BCS?

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BCS Celebrating its Five Wonderful Years
  • IAAM has successfully conducted 4 assemblies of the Baltic Conference Series until 2019 and looks forward to celebrating the 5th year assembly in 2021.
  • BCS offers a global platform to members of various industries, startups and spinoff companies, government authorities, policy makers, and academia to make attempts for the progressive climate neutral R&D and clean-tech research.
  • Baltic Conference Series derives its name from its venue “the cruise journey” on the beautiful views of Baltic Sea.
  • About 700 numbers of delegates from more than 50 countries took part, conducted more than 200 plenaries, keynotes, and invited lectures from over 150 premier institutes.
  • More than 300 young researchers and about 200 women scientists took part in the BCS activities.
  • The theme of previous BCS was on “A substantial move towards the commercialization of Translational Research to Market. “
  • The primary aim behind organizing BCS is to facilitate a forum for intensive discussions that can lead to great results and ideas for building of green and sustainable future.
  • The major fields of study in BCS are Climate Neutral R&D, Clean Innovation and Technology such as Wood Technology, Paper and Pulp, Water Technology, Plastic and Rubber Technology, Chemical Technology, Medical Technology, and many more.
  • Eminent experts and speakers from Academia and Industry joined the rich legacy of “Advancements in Green Technology to Market”.
About BCS

International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) has been focusing various green initiative to bringing the stakeholders from academia and industries together on its R&D World Links and Consortiums to contribute for the Climate Neutral Society. IAAM organizes Baltic Conference Series (BCS) to showcase the latest trends in the Climate Neutral Research, Innovations, and Technology.

BCS is a comprehensive forum meant to stimulate discussions on the recent developments in the smart innovation and technology. The BCS catalyzes research to obtain objectives of United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and European Green Deal. The forum offers an international platform to members of the academia and industries to initiate the collaboration and partnerships in the fields of Climate Neutral R&D and Green Tech.

What to Expect at BCS

The BCS extends an international platform to the academia and industries for the progressive climate neutral research, innovations, and technology across various sectors. There are numerous reasons to look forward to the upcoming BCS as it provides leading minds an opportunity to meet and exchange information and ideas. It promotes stimulating discussions and collaborations among participants. It also encourages young researchers and students working in or studying in cross disciplinary fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Wood Technology, Paper and Pulp, Water Technology, Polymer and Rubber Technology, Chemical Technology, Medical Technology, and many more application in an industry to meet, collaborate and share ideas. BCS will be a vibrant event where attendees will have the chance to contribute for climate neutrality goals. Foreseeing Knowledge Experience at Sea encouraging everyone to participate in the upcoming BCS on the beautiful Baltic Sea.

The Format of BCS

The Baltic Conference Series is named after the place of its holding series “Baltic Sea”. Besides the great quality of discussions and world-class delegates, the one thing that makes assemblies of BCS stand out is the unique format of ‘Knowledge Experience at Sea’. The BCS assemblies are organized on conference center at cruise that takes the delegates on a voyage filled with scientific exploration and knowledge. The series feature experts, notable policymakers and representatives from companies delivering plenary, keynote lectures, and invited talk even oral and poster presentations. The major fields of study that have been discussed in the Baltic Conference Series are Carbon Emission and Clean Technology, Polymer and Rubber Technology, Water Technology, Wood Technology, Medical Technology, Chemical Technology, and many more. It is a comprehensive forum to discuss the recent trends in the Climate Neural Research and to bring people together for learning new-age clean technology. It aims to eliminate the common barriers that promising technologies face along the pathway to zero waste. It is aimed to bridge industry and academia in order to stimulate global cooperation and create a platform for building the multi-inter-trans-disciplinary projects to achieve objectives of climate neutrality by 2050.

The Rich Tradition of Baltic Conference Series

We have hosted delegates, speakers, young researchers and students from different countries. With such diversity among the delegates, the conferences prove to be once-in-a-lifetime experience for all the attendees. Here are some snapshots from memorable moments from our Baltic conference cruise series over the years.

The Past BCS Reports

Over the years, the Baltic Conference has a long and rich history. The Assemblies organized in the past are: First assembly of Baltic Conference Series was hosted on Baltic Sea sailing from Stockholm-Helsinki-Stockholm during 08- 11 October 2017. It aimed at discussing the recent trends of advancement of nanomaterial and nanotechnology along with several other interdisciplinary fields. This assembly paved the way for researchers around the world to make global networks and interact with other leading scientists, researchers, and professionals in the area of translational research. The conference was showcased the latest developments across a wide range of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

The Baltic Conference Series spring assembly 2018 aimed at discussing the recent progresses and advancements in nanomaterial and nanotechnology along with an insight of drug delivery and medicine. The theme of this Congress was “A substantial move towards the medical innovations and technology”. This conference was also attracted all the professionals working in the fields of carbon materials & technology, rubber, epoxy, plastics, resins, pulp, paper, wood technology, etc. and gave them a renowned platform to present their research results, products, innovations, and breakthrough activities. This assembly of BCS was graced by the presence of delegates from as many as 47 countries. The conference proved to be an amazing success and achieved all its objectives.

Baltic Conference Series winter 2018 centered on the nanomaterial and nanotechnology as well as drug delivery and nanomedicine. The theme of the conference was “Translational Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology “which reflects a scientist-industry led model that is valued because it leads to progress in society. The primary goal of this assembly was to endorse translational research, innovations, developments in technology, and to facilitate the exchange of information among researchers, students, engineers, and global industries. At the conference, delegates from academia and industries interacted with those who work in in-house manufacturing and start-ups. The scientific program of BCS winter 2018 includes interactive plenary discussions, keynote and invited lectures, and comprehensive talks and poster sessions.

Baltic Conference Series 2019 assembly aimed at creating multiple opportunities to highlight the progresses and advances in the transition of research into suitable materialistic results for the end users. This conference witnessed global participation from 31 countries and it was organized in the format of “Knowledge Experience at Sea”. The Conference departed from Stockholm (Sweden) to Helsinki (Finland) on 14th May and returned to Stockholm on 16th May 2019. The assembly was a highly interdisciplinary event and proved to be an amazing success. It offered discussion pertaining to as many as seven contemporary research fields including Water Technology, Epoxy & Resins Technology, Pulp & Paper Technology, Chemical Technology, Wood Technology, Carbon Materials & Technology, and Plastics & Rubber Technology. The conference started with a welcome ceremony and ran with 10 thematic sessions including keynote/ invited lectures, a series of oral & poster presentations.

Over these past few years, the franchise of the Baltic Conference Series has been a phenomenal successful edition of IAAM’s flagship event in the area of translational research, and to showcase the latest trends in Climate Neutral Research, Innovations, and Technology. The meeting calls on the Baltic Sea to discuss the advancements of clean innovation and technology for promotion of Climate Neutral R&D and Green Tech.