Online LIVE and WebEvents

The International Association of Advanced Materials is one of the pioneers of arranging online (LIVE and On-demand) hybrid WebEvents in the field of Science, Engineering and Technology to bring maximum reach and make it possible for all to delve into the sea of scientific advancements, global networking and education. The tremendous successful journey of International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) has seen the unfurling of different formats of arranging events and one of the best format is the online/virtual (LIVE & On-Demand) WebConferences, WebSymposia, and WebSchools. It has established virtual campus and infrastructure with a range of online events that help students, teachers, researchers, and policy makers to involve science and technology in their R&D establishments. The unique format brought in by IAAM has made it easier for all to enjoy the flow of the scientific knowledge to connect with R&D World Links for international collaborations. The IAAM’ online and WebEvents play a significant role in shaping and nurturing the next generation of science and technology with students, young researchers and early carrier faculties.

Call for WebEvents Proposals

IAAM invites research professionals, scientific communities, delegates, students, academic executives, and business professionals from all over the world to submit their proposals to organize WebConference, WebSymposium and WebSessions in the LIVE and On-demand hybrid WebCongress on Science, Engineering and Technology.

Please DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE of Online Event Proposal and Submit us your Proposal in the prescribed format by email to


How to get involved with IAAM’ WebEvents?

The IAAM calls to researchers, academic institutions, industries, non-profit organizations, and policy makers for hosting its virtual LIVE and On-demand hybrid events, symposiums and conferences and contribute to the greater cause of advancement of materials for the betterment of the society.

It is a marvelous opening! Researchers at different carrier levels (young, middle age and senior), academic institution, policy makers, industry, and non-profit organization can submit their proposals for Online LIVE and WebEvents. Upcoming events arranged by IAAM are:

Please nominate yourself and/or your peers from industry and academia to be eligible for the invited speakers, session chairs or co-chairs and members in the scientific board with their updated CV(s) of candidate(s) at Please nominate yourself and/or your peers from industry and academia to be eligible for the invited speakers, session chairs or co-chairs and members in the scientific board with their updated CV(s) of candidate(s) at for evaluation. for evaluation.

Format of WebEvents

The International Association of Advanced Materials is one of the top organizations which have been organizing online events on the virtual presence and as a part of online outreach and virtual campus, it organizes a series of far-reaching online events to help students, researchers, scientists and academia around the world for gaining scientific knowledge without physical travel.

IAAM has contributed to the Scientific community with a number of its worldwide Online LIVE and/or On-demand hybrid efforts including Live Knowledge at Web, Advanced Materials Lecture Series and Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials.

Live Knowledge at Web offers unique way of bringing together the materials community on the virtual space without them having to travel at all.
  • Under this unique format, IAAM has decided in April 2020 to utilize the world of internet to hold the Advanced Materials WebCongress (AMWeb) during the year.
  • Web initiative has been conceived with an aim to establish a Live Cloud of knowledge to avoid the disruption of scientific developments chain during the time of pandemic distress.
  • WebCongress allows audience around the world to access highly informative scientific lectures and presentations in a series of topical international WebSessions and WebSymposia.
  • The LIVE and On-demand WebConferences organizes the specific online events in the areas of materials science, engineering, and technology for researchers, engineers, students, professionals, business giants, etc. to present their research results and discuss path-breaking ideas.
  • This truly innovative setup of WebConference optimizes the interaction among the delegates of the conference by placing all of them in a virtual domain.
Advanced Materials Lecture Series is an open-ended lecture series to promote open and informed discussions on the advancements of Materials Science, Engineering & Technology.
  • The lectures of the series are recorded for publication in the open access audio video literature, Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials.
  • This lecture series encourage scientists to address the social aspects in their research.
  • IAAM invites regularly world-renowned scientists to deliver online LIVE talks in this Lecture Series.
  • The recorded lectures along with the abstract of the findings and biography of the presenting author publish in the open access video journal after following a due peer-review process.
  • The open access publishing model allows the researchers around the world to access the On-demand video articles without any charges.
  • With various benefits keeping in mind the IAAM has started this initiative and it has met up to the expectations.
  • The various benefits that can be availed are increased engagement of the public, extensive citation of the content and usage by the audience, scope for wider collaborations and partnerships, increase in interdisciplinary interaction, quick results, and wider dissemination of content.
Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials is an open access peer-reviewed video journal that publishes state-of-the-art research advancements of materials science, engineering, and technology.
  • The journal provides a comprehensive On-demand audio-visual overview of the multi-inter-trans disciplinary areas of advanced materials research, innovation, and technology.
  • The primarily covered subject areas include a wide range of Materials applicable in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Energy and Environment, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Health Science and Technology, Mathematical, Computer and Theoretical Modelling, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Structural and Engineering Materials, etc.
  • The journal offers an effective service for open access science and technology.
  • The editorial members and advisory board are committed to publishing high-quality scientific video articles to a broad audience and readership.
Objectives of Online LIVE and WebEvents

International Association of Advanced Materials is dedicated to facilitating the advancement of materials to global excellence. To achieving this objective, association comes up with various programs to make knowledge and research easily accessible to all people around the world. From online LIVE and WebEvents in the virtual spaces, from providing majestic scenic view amidst scientific discussions to arranging every facility for the attendees, IAAM has been on foremost to offering once in a lifetime experience to everyone eager to attend and participate in various scientific events organized on various fields of materials science, engineering, and technology.

Connect LIVE with Materials World

International Association of Advanced Materials educates youth about materials science, engineering and technology and inspire them to pursue the field as a career for building future leadership. The online LIVE and WebEvents help people to gain access of valuable scientific knowledge and progress in the research and developments in the Advanced Materials. IAAM utilizes its virtual academy to organize online events that target a particular audience and global demography. The AMWeb is the world’s largest Online Materials Congress, which runs in the LIVE and On-demand hybrid conference setups for as many as 1000 hours with international participants from around the world.

The WebCongress brings the materials science community together and facilitate a number of virtual sessions and symposia that displays the recent progresses and new discoveries in the field of materials science and technology for empowering the materials community towards sustainable future and climate neutrality.

The 10th anniversary of IAAM has vouched for providing highly interactive exchanges in materials science, engineering, and technology under various way of exchanges and networking including:

  • Face-to-face global networking place
  • Website attendance at virtual place
  • Online LIVE through audio video platform
  • On-Demand presence as per convenient

Advanced Materials Congress with Onsite-Online LIVE-On-demand Hybrid Conference Setups connects delegates (face-to-face) to digitally connect participants from worldwide locations to present their research and participate in discussions with flexible features of interaction, broader accessibility, and productive networking.