R & D Networking

Providing Unlimited Opportunities for Global Networking to All our Members

IAAM is dedicated to nurturing new talent and bringing them to the forefront of the scientific world. As an organization, the International Association of Advanced Materials has always been focused on exploiting possibilities and building the future. With this view, the organization strives to recognize new talent and promote them so that they reach pinnacles in the world of materials science and technology. The extensive resources of IAAM, like international journals along with the interdisciplinary conferences also play an instrumental part in attracting young and worthy talent towards IAAM. By giving young students and professionals from all over the world a prestigious opportunity to interact with world-renowned scientists from around the world, IAAM gives them an opportunity to gain a highly valued exposure. These conferences serve as prestigious opportunities for the delegates to indulge in great R&D networking. The organization works to provide young professionals the most valuable opportunities to make a positive difference and contribute to the scientific world.

Connecting the scientific world

With its various events and conferences, IAAM provides unlimited possibilities of networking. The setting of the conferences on a cruise help the delegates forget their busy schedules and embark upon a journey of scientific exploration for some days. With attendees from different industries and fields of study, the IAAM events prove to be amalgamation of different streams. The potential for networking that these events present to the delegates is massive. By placing established scientists and young professionals from all over the world on one vessel, IAAM creates situations which can give rise to new collaborations and partnerships among the delegates. These partnerships and joint ventures can prove to be highly beneficial for the world of materials science.

Spreading knowledge

With an aim to pace the scientific progress, especially in the sector of materials science, IAAM works in various ways to spread knowledge and make people aware. By regularly releasing international diamond open-access scientific journals like Advanced Materials Letters and Advanced Materials Proceedings IAAM gives the young researchers around the world access to world-class research contributed by scientific elites from all over the globe.  Moreover, the events and conferences that IAAM organizes are highly multidisciplinary and the theme is based on core science subjects and disciplines. These events offer an extensive amalgamation of various fields from the branch of materials science and thus, help in spreading an awareness among the delegates and young professionals.