Advanced Materials Lecture Series

The Advanced Materials Lecture Series is an online open-ended lecture series called by the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM). All the lectures of the series are recorded for publication in the open access audio video literature, Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials.

This lecture series is aimed at promoting open and informed discussions on issues pertaining to Advanced Materials Science, Engineering & Technology and encourage scientists to address the social aspects in their research. IAAM has a rich legacy of world-renowned high-profile scientists who have delivered talks in the Advanced Materials Lecture Series.

Selection Procedure for Speakers

The International Association of Advanced Materials annually conducts a review of the latest research & development encompassing materials science, engineering, and technology using the most reputed scientific databases. The review is utilized to invite the world’s top hundred scientific contributors in different fields every year to file nominations for IAAM’s distinct recognitions including Fellow of IAAM, IAAM Medals, IAAM Scientist Medal, Advanced Materials Awards, etc.

The scientific committee reviews the nominations and selects researchers to submit abstracts for their lectures in this open access video literature series. As per the mandatory requirement of association, the IAAM’ distinct recognition lecture must be conducted within three months from the date of acceptance. The invited speakers can submit their abstracts through the speaker’s portal


Every year, IAAM office requests the top scientists to submit nominations with their complete CV via Member Portal or by email at Based on the ranking of their scientific contribution in the field of experimental and theoretical studies of fundamental and applied interdisciplinary research in materials science, engineering, and technology, the scientific committee invites the researchers to submit abstracts under following categories:

Categories of Lectures

IAAM Fellow Lecture is one of the highest categories of lectures that IAAM offers to the fellow member as part of the Advanced Materials Lecture Series. Every year, IAAM honours a number of scientists and researchers who have made longstanding contributions towards Advancing Materials for Global Excellence. All the recipients of this coveted honour and citation are required to deliver an IAAM Fellow Lecture.

IAAM Medal Lecture is a prestigious talk that is delivered by the worthy winners of the three categories of IAAM medal. The winners of these prestigious honours are invited to deliver the IAAM Medal Lecture. These three categories are:

IAAM Medal is the highest category of medal that the association confers upon highly distinguished researchers and scientists. It is offered to eminent researchers who have already made a significant impact in the world with their research.

IAAM Scientist Medal is another prestigious award that IAAM offers to researchers who have conducted a fair amount of research and created a professional impact in an interdisciplinary field. The association considers the work and contributions made in the decade preceding the year of the award.

IAAM Young Scientist Medal is an honour that the association confers upon early-career researchers and professionals in the world of materials science and technology. The association shortlists the young researchers who have shown potential to conduct research of high merit.

IAAM Award Lecture is a prestigious and coveted lecture that is delivered by selected few individuals. The IAAM recognizes worthy and deserving researchers to commend their years of hard work and perseverance. These honourable individuals are shortlisted to deliver the coveted IAAM Award Lecture. The lecture is made accessible to the scientific community as part of the Advanced Materials Lecture Series. The members of the community who deliver this lecture are also honoured with a citation.

The IAAM Innovation Award Lecture is another lecture in this series that is delivered by scientists/researchers who have brought about some significant innovation to the sphere of advanced materials. The International Association of Advanced Materials keeps an eye out for individuals who demonstrate innovative approaches to generate path-breaking ideas and research. The board shortlists these researchers to deliver the prestigious IAAM Innovation Award Lecture and each researcher receives a citation.

IAAM Sustainability/Green Awards Lecture is delivered by researchers, scientists, policymakers, organizations, and professionals who are utilizing advanced materials and related research to help build a sustainable and green future for the world. IAAM keenly shortlists individuals/organizations whose works align with IAAM’s motto of ‘Advancement of Materials to Sustainable and Green World 2030’ and invites them to deliver this highly regarded lecture. The invitees are awarded with a citation.

The IAAM Industrial Award Lecture is delivered by selected industry professionals/company who have worked towards the promotion of advanced materials science, engineering, and technology. The IAAM shortlists professionals from the industries that have been instrumental in the advancement of materials to global excellence. These professionals are invited to the IAAM Industrial Award Lecture and conferred with a citation.

IAAM Young Scientist Award Lecture is presented by invited young and upcoming advanced materials researchers who have emerged as innovators to deliver this coveted lecture as a way of recognizing their effort. The shortlisting individuals are awarded with a citation. International Association of Advanced Materials has always believed in promoting and inspiring young professionals working in the sphere of advanced materials.

Guidelines and Instructions

1. The invited Advanced Materials Lectures will be recorded for the publication in the open access audio video journal, Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials. After proof check by the presenting author, IAAM office circulates the published open access video article among the leading researchers and members of the association for watching and referencing.

2. As the lecture will be published for Open Science under “Live Knowledge at Web”, you are advised to not use any confidential information in the lecture/ presentation.

3. After the lecture, there will be a discussion session with the chair and panel members.

4. The time limit for the lecture is 25 minutes (20 min for presentation + 5 min for discussion).

5. Advanced Materials Lectures are non-transferable, and citations are not returnable at any condition.

Open Science Policy

To ensure a wide audience and audio-video article indexing, all the lectures and presentations delivered in the online Advanced Materials Lecture Series are recorded and published in the open access Video Journal, Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials. The responsibility to provide funding for the publication of their Open Access Audio Video Article in the Video Journal lies with the invited speaker. Please read Open Access Policy and the Video Article Processing Charges of journal at