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The "IAAM Nomination" process is a distinguished recognition and acknowledgment program initiated and managed by the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) head office. This program seeks to identify and honor outstanding individuals and organizations for their significant contributions, achievements, and dedication within the realm of advanced materials science and related fields. The IAAM, as a global hub for cutting-edge research and innovation in advanced materials, places great importance on recognizing and celebrating excellence in this field. To this end, the IAAM Nomination program offers several avenues for individuals and entities to be recognized and rewarded:

Awards & Recognitions: IAAM invites nominations for various prestigious awards that encompass a wide range of categories, such as research excellence, innovation, leadership, and contributions to the advancement of materials science. These awards serve as a testament to the remarkable accomplishments of scientists, engineers, and professionals who have made significant strides in their respective domains. Memberships: Through the nomination process, IAAM extends invitations to deserving individuals to become members of the association. Membership in IAAM is a mark of distinction, signifying a commitment to the advancement of advanced materials research and fostering collaborations within the global scientific community. Section Chairs: IAAM invites nominations for Section Chairs, who play a pivotal role in the organization's various technical sections. These chairs are responsible for guiding and leading discussions, initiatives, and events within their respective sections, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and the growth of the advanced materials community. Council Members: The IAAM Council is the governing body responsible for strategic decision-making and shaping the direction of the association. Nominations are welcomed for individuals to serve on the IAAM Council, allowing them to participate in critical leadership roles and influence the future trajectory of advanced materials research and development. IAAM Nomination program serves as an opportunity for individuals and organizations to not only receive accolades but also to actively contribute to the advancement of this vital scientific discipline. Through the recognition, memberships, and leadership roles offered by IAAM, the program reinforces the collaborative spirit and commitment to innovation that defines the global advanced materials research community. .

Submission and Evaluation Process: Submission and Evaluation Process:

Rules and Requirements

The nomination for all the IAAM awards is open to government agencies, policy makers, R&D organizations, scientific researchers/ professionals, and students who have made exceptional breakthroughs in a field of materials science, engineering, and technology. The consideration of a nomination by the awards committee of IAAM is not influenced or affected by the field of materials or the kind of approach used to reach the results or the breakthrough ideas. However, the consideration is impacted by the importance and the value of the breakthrough result, especially for the materials community and the general public.

Eligibility For Nominators

  • The nominators are required to be members of the International Association of Advanced Materials. However, individuals who have been requested by IAAM for nomination are surely eligible to file nominations.
  • There can only be one nominator in a nomination. Moreover, the letter or the intimation should be written by the nominator with full CV of Nominees.
  • If the members of IAAM selection committee wish to file a nomination for an award, they can only do so for the awards that they are not judging.
  • The nominators are expected to nominate an individual. However, since breakthrough ideas can involve more than one person, the nominators are allowed to nominate multiple individuals under a single nomination.
  • In case of multiple individuals, the nominators are required to show that each person has contributed almost equally.
  • The nominators should strictly make sure that there is no bias or personal interest involved and that it does not impact any nomination.

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