Fellow of IAAM

Fellow of IAAM is a notable distinction that the International Association of Advanced Materials confers upon researchers and scientists to recognize their important contribution and efforts for the advancement of materials.

The Fellow of IAAM is recognized as a prestigious title that is only conferred upon deserving researchers who have made significant contribution to the world of Advanced Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology. By honouring the researchers and scientific elites with this coveted title, IAAM recognizes their hard work and also hopes to motivate the young and upcoming researchers to take research up as a long-term career.

Nomination Guidelines

The IAAM office calls for nominations of top scientists with updated CVs based on the level of their scientific contribution to experimental and theoretical studies of fundamental and applied interdisciplinary research in Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology. The nomination for all the IAAM awards is open to government agencies, policy makers, R&D organizations, scientific researchers/ professionals, and students who have made exceptional breakthroughs in the field of Applied Materials disciplinary. For detailed guidelines on Eligibility and How to file nomination

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The Title

The title of ‘Fellow of IAAM’ is one of the highest honours in the Advanced Materials Community. The recipients of this honour are required to deliver the IAAM Fellow Lecture in one of the assemblies of Advanced Materials Congress or as part of the online Advanced Materials Lecture Series. All the fellow lectures will be published in IAAM’s Open Access audio video journal, Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials. The recipients of this title are authorized to use the designatory letters “FIAAM” with their name.

IAAM Fellow Lecture at one of the assemblies of Advanced Materials Congress


The title of ‘Fellow of IAAM’ is awarded to a researcher or scientist who has made significant contribution to the advancements of materials science, engineering, and technology. The title serves as a way to recognize and honour far-reaching involvement and research. All around the world, any researcher who has spent a significant time in the sphere of Advanced Materials is eligible to be the recipient of this designation. This title is granted irrespective of age, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, and background.

Selection Procedure

IAAM uses scientific databases to regularly review the significant contributions of individuals in Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology. Based on the recommendations, IAAM invites the leading scientific contributors to file nomination for the title of ‘Fellow of IAAM’. The scientific committee reviews the nominations and selects researchers to submit abstracts for their Fellow Lecture. The fellow lecture is conducted within three months from the date of the recommendation of the scientific committee either online in the Advanced Materials Lecture Series or in the Advanced Materials Congress. The selected researchers are required to deposit their fellow membership fee and processing charges for video article publication in Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials before their Fellow Lecture.


International Association of Advanced Materials forms a search committee that conducts the review process for ‘Fellow of IAAM’. The scientific committee thoroughly looks at all the contributions that an individual has made as a researcher to come to the final decision. In the past decade, IAAM has honoured and recognized hundreds of researchers from all around the world with the title of ‘Fellow of IAAM’.

Prof. Rodrigo Martins, FIAAM
Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and CEMOP, Portugal
Prof. Yun Mook Lim, FIAAM
Yonsei University, Republic of Korea
Prof. Federico Rosei, FIAAM
INRS, Canada
Prof. Richard Spontak, FIAAM
North Carolina State University, USA
Prof. Qingyuan Wang, FIAAM
Chengdu University, China
Prof. Chang-Seop Lee, FIAAM
Keimyung University, South Korea
Prof. Gary Tepper, FIAAM
Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Prof. Shen-Ming Chen, FIAAM
National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan
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