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Thank you for considering donating to the International Association of Advanced Materials. Your contributions help us provide exciting and valuable opportunities to young and upcoming researchers all around the world. With the help of generous contributions from individuals and organizations around the world, IAAM invests in the development of the materials science community and the industry of advanced materials. With your valuable contributions, we encourage the young researchers to pursue a career in materials science, engineering, and technology. With your support, we inspire little students to take up science and become pioneers of materials science and other interdisciplinary fields in the future.

Why donate?

Your donations are important to us. They help us facilitate the advancement of materials to global excellence and take important initiatives to help researchers around the world. IAAM makes sure that our donators know what their contributions are being used for. When you donate to the International Association of Advanced Materials, you can rest assured that your contributions are being put to good use.
IAAM uses all the donations that it receives to :

  • Promote the model of using advanced materials to build a sustainable future
  • Promote education
  • Promote research
  • Promote innovations and technology
  • Support researchers
  • Support students

Moreover, if you there is anything that you find IAAM fit for because of our expertise in materials science, you can specifically donate for that cause. The International Association of Advanced Materials is more than happy to take forward causes that contribute to the advancement of the materials science industry.