IAAM Scientist Award & Medals

IAAM Scientist Award and Medal are the illustrious honours that the International Association of Advanced Materials presents to distinguished researchers and scientists to recognize their distinct contributions to the sphere of Materials Science, Engineering and Technology.

As part of its awards and recognitions program, IAAM acknowledges the outstanding contribution of scientists at all stages of their careers. IAAM Scientist Award and Medal are meant for senior, mid-carrier, and early-career researchers who have made distinctive contributions towards interfacing the materials for multi-inter-trans disciplinary fields of science, engineering, and technology. The association confers this award and recognition to motivate scholars to continue on the path of producing ground-breaking research for Advancing Materials to Global excellence.


After considering the scientific contributions, International Association of Advanced Materials invites the top researchers and scientists to file their nominations with updated CVs. IAAM keeps the nomination for IAAM Scientist Award and Medal open to all, including policymakers, researchers, professionals, government agencies, students, and independent researchers, considering that they have some notable breakthroughs and progress in Advanced Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology.For the detailed guidelines and information regarding eligibility and how to file nomination,

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IAAM presents various awards and recognitions to professionals, individuals, scientific researchers / scientists, professionals, R&D organizations, govt. agencies, policymakers, independent researchers, etc. in the field of Advanced Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology. The association runs an award program to stimulate the advancement of materials to a sustainable and green world by recognizing the work of worthy researchers regularly.

IAAM Scientist Medal

The Medal

IAAM Scientist Medal is one of the prestigious IAAM Medals that the association presents to worthy scientists and researchers. Upon shortlisting, the researchers are required to delivered the IAAM Scientist Medal Lecture in the online Advanced Materials Lecture Series or in one of the assemblies of the Advanced Materials Congress. The lecture is recorded and published in IAAM’s Open Access Video Journal, Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials. IAAM authorizes the recipients of this medal to use the designatory letters ‘EIAAM’ with their name.


IAAM Scientist Medal is awarded to senior, mid-carrier, and early-career individuals who have conducted a fair amount of research and created a professional impact in any field, including but not limited to, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Medicine, Atmosphere, Ocean, and Planetary Sciences. Independent researchers are also eligible for this honour if they have exemplified enduring leadership and a vision for the field of materials science, engineering, and technology. IAAM presents this coveted medal to appreciate the rich involvement of worthy researchers in the field of Advanced Materials. Any individual across the world who meets all the requirements and has made some positive impact on the world of materials is considered eligible for this highly regarded honour. IAAM does not consider the race, ethnicity, background, nationality, age, gender, religion, or race of the nominees while finalizing the awardees.

Selection Procedure

IAAM uses well-known scientific databases to conduct a review of the Research & Development carried out by individuals in the field of Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology. IAAM invites distinguished and worthy scientific contributors to file nominations for the award and medal. IAAM’s Scientific Committee is the sole discretionary body responsible for reviewing the nominations and finalizing the researchers to submit abstract for the IAAM Scientist Medal Lecture, which is delivered either online in the Advanced Materials Lecture Series or in the Advanced Materials Congress. After the abstract submission, the IAAM Scientist Medal Lecture is delivered with three months of the date of endorsement.


IAAM facilitates a Search Committee that conducts the review process for the IAAM Scientist Medal. The Scientific Committee looks at the contributions made by an individual in their senior, mid-carrier, and early-career years preceding the year of selection to come to final decision regarding the awardees. In the last decade, IAAM has conferred this prestigious honour upon hundreds of researchers from more than 70 countries.