Meetings & Events

Promoting collaboration and scientific advancement

IAAM events and conferences, organized on the unique format of ‘Knowledge Experience at Sea’, provide an international platform for the widespread dissemination and evaluation of the recently emerged advanced materials science research. In these events and multiple conferences, researchers from various scientific backgrounds, professionals from different industries and sectors, students, and world-renowned scientists, all come together on one platform and undertake a journey to participate in a massive exchange of scientific knowledge, to engage in networking with peers, colleagues, and people from different age groups, and make a major contribution to IAAM’s goal of ‘Advancement of Materials to Global Excellence’. The poster presentations that IAAM organizes along with several symposiums and consortiums also help a lot as they allow business giants to present their innovative products in front of the best scientific minds of the world and gain invaluable insights and develop partnerships. With its multiple events and conferences, IAAM serves the entire advanced materials community and provides forums and platforms that facilitate global networking and partnerships. Moreover, IAAM events and conferences also serve as opportunities for renowned and upcoming researchers to showcase their work.

Leading the world of Advanced Materials

In the past ten years, IAAM has emerged as the leader in materials science events and conferences. Having hosted some of the best minds and scientific elites along with young professionals and students from all over the world in the past events, IAAM has been leveraging its vast network into giving the upcoming researchers highly precious exposure. The last decade has seen the International Association of Advanced Materials emerging as the leader of the industry. Moreover, since the events of the association are organized keeping in mind the recent progresses and emerging developments, and that too, in the unique concept of ‘Knowledge Experience at Sea’, IAAM has set the benchmark for the other organizations working in the industry.

Upcoming Events

IAAM organizes highly interactive symposia that serve as forums of discussion for the contemporary research topics based on science and technology.

Advanced Materials Congress

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