Meetings & Events

To promote collaboration and scientific advancements, IAAM events and conferences provide an international platform for the widespread dissemination of the recently emerged advanced research pertaining to interdisciplinarity field of science, engineering, and technology. In such multidisciplinary conferences, researchers from various scientific backgrounds, professionals from different industries and sectors, students, and world-renowned scientists, all come together on one platform and undertake a journey to participate in a massive exchange of scientific knowledge, to engage in networking with peers, colleagues, and people from different age groups, and make a major contribution to IAAM’s decade goal of ‘Advancement of Materials to Sustainable and Green World’. The business council of IAAM allows business giants to present their innovative products in front of the best scientific minds of the world and gain invaluable insights and develop partnerships. With its multiple forums, IAAM facilitates global networking, partnerships and provide opportunity to students and young researcher to shape their work.

Call for Event Proposals

International Association of Advanced Materials encourages individuals, organizations, and industries to organize thematic sessions/symposia or to host assemblies of the Advanced Materials Congress, Baltic Conference Series, World Congress Series, Online/LIVE Conferences and WebCongress. The host gets an opportunity to accelerate the international discussion and partnerships for advancing science and technology to a new level.  IAAM calls for proposal to host and co-host its upcoming meeting and events.

Submit Proposal

The IAAM calls to researchers, academic institutions, industries, non-profit organizations, and policy makers for hosting its events, symposiums and conferences and contribute to the greater cause of advancement of materials for the betterment of the society.

It is a marvelous opening! Researchers at different carrier levels (young, middle age and senior), academic institution, policy makers, industry, and non-proft organization can submit their proposals for organizing thematic sessions and symposia in upcoming assemblies of the Advanced Materials Congress, Baltic Conference Series, World Congress Series, and WebCongress.

Please DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE of Event Proposal to organize thematic sessions and symposia or to host the upcoming assemblies of IAAM Events in the prescribed format by E-mail to

How to get involved with IAAM events?

IAAM seeks for thematic sessions and symposium proposals to the IAAM’s upcoming events and congress assemblies. Please submit proposal to held events under the prestigious banner of IAAM. One can also nominate researchers from industry and academia to be eligible for the invited speakers, session chairs or co-chairs with their updated CV(s) of candidate(s) at for evaluation.

Why host an IAAM event or organize thematic sessions in the IAAM’ Conference?

Hosting an IAAM event is a prestigious opportunity. In this new decade, the International Association of Advanced Materials has pledged to take its flagship events, the Advanced Materials Congress, Baltic Conference Series, World Congress Series, and WebCongress to all parts of the world. If you become the host of assemblies of IAAM’s events or organize thematic sessions and symposium, you contribute to the scientific community towards their journey of advancing materials for green and sustainable wards. The following benefits can encompass:

  • Host an international legacy in your leadership
  • Accelerate your collaboration with world R&D links
  • Associate with one of the world largest advanced materials community
  • Ignite scientific research and knowledge in your region
  • Be a part of an enriching journey of sustainable climate neutrality
Ten glorious years of IAAM’ events
  • The IAAM Events and Conferences run with Onsite, Online/LIVE and On-Demand Hybrid Participation Setups at seven different regions including Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America and Australia using integrated conference technology that generates opportunity among delegates to extend their presence with respect to exchange of research, networking, discussion, and publication more accessible than ever before.
  • Advanced Materials Congress, Baltic Conference Series, World Congress Series, and WebCongress are established as flagship global conferences with principal motive to be accessible for all having Onsite-Online-On-demand Hybrid Setups in the field of Advanced Science, Engineering, and Technology.
  • Advanced Materials Congress (AMC) has successfully hosted over 16000 delegates from 100 countries in its 32 assemblies until February 2020 to promote advanced materials in both academia and industry.
  • AMC has conducted more than 7000 plenaries, keynote, and invited lectures from over 2500 premier organizations.
  • More than 5000 young scientists and about 4500 women researchers took part in the past AMC assemblies.
  • Introduced highly interactive formats, Knowledge Experience at Sea and Live Knowledge at Web.
  • Provides a global network, gives access to valuable resources, and develop amazing long term collaboration opportunities.
  • Connects students, young researchers, leading scientists from academia and industries, policy makers, government representatives to discuss the advancement of materials to global excellence.
  • IAAM has successfully conducted 4 assemblies of the Baltic Conference Series (BCS) until 2019 and looks forward to celebrating the 5th year assembly in October 2021.
  • The primary aim behind organizing BCS is to facilitate a forum for intensive discussions that can lead to great results and ideas for building of sustainable future.
  • The BCS have connected the ideas from the eminent speakers and high-quality research presentations leading to global networking, while enjoying cruise hospitality and social activities in the Baltic countries, along with the allusion of the beautiful views of Baltic Sea.
  • BCS conferences are aimed at highlighting all the recent progresses in the scientific world with a strong focus on the discoveries and innovations that empower the scientific community.
  • IAAM has successfully conducted 6 assemblies of the World Congress Series (WCS) until 2019.
  • The primary aim of the WCS is to encompass and bridge different interdisciplinary subject areas ranging from subjects such a Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, engineering and many more.

Formats of Events

The IAAM Events and Conferences run with Onsite, Online/LIVE and On-Demand Hybrid Participation Setups, Knowledge Experience at Sea, Expanding Green with Nature, Connecting Ideas, Future Leadership, Linking Young Minds, World Congress, and Live Knowledge at Web. The IAAM’ meetings and conferences always give the ultimate level of satisfaction to all its attendees for example Advanced Materials Congress hosts in the Knowledge Experience at Sea format, Baltic Conference Series conducts in the scenic beauty of the Baltic Sea and the Onsite, Online/Live and On-demand hybrid participation Setups gives opportunity to all for increasing vicinity of global networking for green and sustainable growth. These conference formats create new dimensions to students, researchers, academic institutions, industries, and policy makers for connecting interdisciplinary research. 

As part of all its interdisciplinary conferences and events, IAAM organizes  consortiums that is meant to ignite discussions related to important topics and recent progresses made in the world of materials research and technology. Live Knowledge at Web is a unique format that the leadership of the International Association of Advanced Materials has come up to enable a smoother flow of the chain of scientific knowledge and importance at its Web forum. In this format, IAAM will utilize the virtual space of internet to organize international events pertaining to advanced science and technology.

Another great series held by IAAM is the Advanced Materials Lecture Series which is an online open-ended lecture series to promote advanced materials, science, engineering and technology. All the lectures of the series are recorded for publication in the open access audio video literature, Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials.

IAAM’ World Links to all

The success of any event or conference depends on how well it is organized. Keeping this in mind, the International Association of Advanced Materials provides the conference hosts all the possible help and support that they require. IAAM makes sure that the conference is organized well with the host looking after their role and responsibilities. The IAAM Executive Board evaluates potential to become a part of its prolific journey for Advancing Materials to Sustainable and Green World.

IAAM aims for global achievement in the advancement of materials science, engineering, and technology around the world. For this IAAM has established five regional chapters in the five major continents to connect better and promote the growth of science and technology materials. The primary aim of regional chapters is to create multi-inter-trans disciplinary activities for strengthening the advanced materials community in these regions. Over the years, IAAM regional chapters have proved to be instrumental in establishing global cooperation among the advanced materials professionals and related businesses. Apart from that IAAM has constituted an academic council with the sole purpose of providing a healthy exposure to the students pursuing courses in science along with a wide range of opportunities.

The IAAM Academic Council is meant to target every researcher that is willing to pursue a long-term career in science and willing to bring a positive change to the world. The council will help the students gain information and make highly confident and informed decisions regarding their careers in the sphere of science. Moreover, the council aims to infuse a spirit to join or pursue careers in science among the students right in their formative age. IAAM has always encouraged to recognize new talent and promote them so that they reach pinnacles in the world of materials science and technology. It has provided students and professionals from all over the world a prestigious opportunity to interact with world-renowned scientists from around the world opportunities to gain a highly valued exposure.

IAAM always encourages everyone to put in their best efforts to excel in the field of science, engineering and technology and contribute to the world of Advancement of Materials for building a sustainable and better world to live. The IAAM Youth Council  is a platform meant to empower youth development and to help them become great leaders, especially in the scientific world. IAAM Youth Council is a not-for-profit body that works to provide young researchers pursuing graduation, master’s, or even doctorates, opportunities of education, internships, training, and networking at a global level. The council strives to help these researchers achieve their aspirations in the world of science and prepare the scientific elites of tomorrow by nurturing them at the delicate stage of college.

With the motto of Advancement of Materials to Global Excellence, IAAM Business Council has been constituted to provide a wide range of opportunities to business executives, corporations, and industry professionals working in the industry of advanced materials and materials technology. The Business Council is an organization that is meant to support and help facilitate the progress of the business working in the field of advanced materials. The council works with business ranging from new startups to large business giants and organizations and help them to accelerate their innovation processes by providing opportunities for collaborations, training, and cooperation. Various organizations and events are being held which serve as prestigious opportunities for the delegates to indulge in great R&D networking.