Knowledge Experience at Sea

Besides the great quality of discussions and world-class delegates, the one thing that makes IAAM events and conferences stand out is the unique format of ‘Knowledge Experience at Sea’. All the IAAM events and conferences are organized on a cruise that takes the delegates on a voyage filled with scientific exploration and knowledge. By providing this unparalleled and unprecedented experience to the attendees of the events, IAAM has set a benchmark for the other organizations working in the sphere of advanced materials.

The inception of the idea:

The first Advanced Materials Congress was organized in the year 2011 and in no time, the event had become the flagship conference in the world of materials science and technology. After a few years, the leadership of IAAM came up with the idea of hosting the conference on a cruise in the unprecedented format of ‘Knowledge Experience at Sea’. Ever since then, all the IAAM conferences have been organized on a cruise and today, the format is one that the world looks up to.

Aim behind this unique format:

International Association of Advanced Materials aims to provide forums for research and discussion that can yield fruitful results for critical problems of the world. The organization had come up with the idea of ‘Knowledge Experience at Sea’ to optimize and enhance the learning experience for the delegates. By organizing the conferences on a cruise, IAAM gives the best minds of the scientific community a chance to be away from the busy schedule of their daily lives, in the quiet of the sea, and the perfect environment to delve as deep as possible into the ocean of scientific knowledge and research. By taking the delegates of the conferences on a voyage, IAAM creates the perfect setting for a scientific carnival and for the members from academia and industries to have great discussions and form long-term partnerships. International Association of Advanced Materials takes pride in organizing such high-quality conferences that provide abundant opportunities for scientific exploration.