IAAM Business Council

IAAM Business Council has been constituted to provide a wide range of opportunities to business executives, corporations, and industry professionals working in the industry of advanced materials and materials science. The International Association of Advanced Materials has  taken this initiative to promote the professionals and business executives who work in line with the organization’s motto of ‘Advancement of Materials to Global Excellence’.

IAAM has always been very active in its pursuit to make possible the translation of valuable research and findings into end products that can be used by the end users or the customers. The association leverages the experience of its members into providing business professionals opportunities that can result in their advancement.

The Business Council is an organization that is meant to support and help facilitate the progress of the business working in the field of advanced materials. The council works with business ranging from new startups to large business giants and organizations and help them to accelerate their innovation processes by providing opportunities for collaborations, training, and cooperation.

Why join IAAM Business Council?

Opportunities for collaborations

Business organizations need to collaborate with their peers for various purposes. IAAM Business Council proves to be highly instrumental in facilitating this process. With the vibrant network of materials scientists and researchers that the International Association of Advanced Materials has weaved over the years, its Business Council is quite competent to facilitate collaborations with materials scientists comprehensively. As a member of the council, your company or organization gets access to all the resources that are required to achieve progress in the world of science.

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Accelerate the innovation processes

International Association of Advanced Materials offers its collaboration to all the members of the Business Council. By working in partnership with the association, you can ensure that your company or organization has all the required knowledge and skill-force that is required to accelerate the innovation processes. IAAM Business Council connects the member organizations of the council with the best minds around the world working in the field of materials science to drive an innovation force. Such partnerships also help the member organizations in addressing all the scientific challenges and finding their solutions to achieve a holistic development.

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Opportunities to target an audience

International Association of Advanced Materials provide the member organizations of the Business Council with the prestigious opportunity of targeting and spreading awareness about its products among the right set of audience. IAAM regularly organizes international events in which professionals, researchers, and scientific elites from all over the world come together on one platform. The organization leverages these renowned events and the network of esteemed scientists into providing the Business council members that work in the field of materials science, an opportunity to get an edge over their competitors and get in touch or even present their products among the best scientific minds of the world. By doing so, the member organizations can increase their reach exponentially.

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