Diamond Open Access

Accelerating scientific advancement through Diamond Open Access

International Association of Advanced Materials works on the publishing policy of Diamond Open Access. All the journals and other materials are published under this model are readily available to the readers. By making valuable scientific research available to readers free of cost and without any hidden costs, IAAM is facilitating the dissemination of knowledge on a wider level. The association believes that financial barriers should never be a reason for one to be devoid of knowledge. Also, IAAM believes that the advancement of scientific world is eclipsed by the inaccessibility of valuable research among the readers. By publishing research contributed by some of the best minds of the world under the format of Diamond Open Access, IAAM aims to serve the materials science community.

What is Diamond Open Access?

Diamond Open Access is a not-for-profit publishing practice that is an upgrade from the Gold model of publishing policy. The model of Diamond Open Access  functions upon the contributions of the members of a not-for-profit organization. It is a model that is meant to make possible the free-of-cost dissemination of academic knowledge among readers. Under this model of publishing, the content is fully available to readers free of cost and there is also no cost for publishing.

IAAM’s official journals offer ‘Free publishing and Free Reading

IAAM’s official journals, Advanced Materials Letters (AML) and Advanced Materials Proceedings (AMP) work on the model of Diamond Open Access. Our journals regularly publish the latest and the best advanced materials research. Because of the wide scope of the journals, the IAAM journals provide the most comprehensive reportage of the best research that spans through the entire bandwidth of materials science.

By publishing these journals in the Diamond Open Access model, IAAM tries to make sure that everybody who wishes to pursue a long-term career in materials science gets access to quality research, breakthroughs, and results, free of cost. Also, IAAM allows young professionals and researchers from around the world to publish their research free of cost in these quality journals and gain a learned audience of scientific elites for their work.

Moreover, IAAM journals provide a hassle-free experience to the readers as there is no cost involved and no permissions required to access the world-class research published in these journals. As one of the leading not-for-profit publication houses in the advanced materials sector, IAAM considers it one of its responsibilities to remove all the obstacles from the path to gain access to scientific knowledge.