R&D Consortium

Discussion of latest research and innovations in the scientific world | IAAM

As part of all its interdisciplinary conferences and events, IAAM organizes a consortium that is meant to ignite discussions related to important topics and recent progresses made in the world of material science.

The consortiums that IAAM organizes in its conferences and events bring together individuals, organizations, and institutes that are functional in the same field. These organizations and individuals come together on our global platform to hold discussions and facilitate sharing of their thoughts and ideas. The broad aim of all the IAAM consortiums is to stimulate the advancement of the existing processes and the efficiency of the existing models working in a particular sector.

Each of the consortiums that IAAM organizes has a pre-defined agenda. This goal or agenda is set based on the theme of the congress and also the latest research and innovations of the concerned scientific field. The topic is decided keeping in mind that it can pave the path for real-world applications and translate into some tangible result for the end user.

Our objectives

IAAM has always been keen on improving the sphere of advanced materials and taking it to new heights. The R&D consortiums that we facilitate during our events and conferences help in taking this vision forward. With some of the world’s best scientific minds attending each of our conferences, a consortium translates into a forum where the best quality of ideas is generated.

  • The objectives of all the IAAM consortiums are as follows:
  • To create an environment where people can come together and build joint ventures by sharing knowledge, resources, publications, etc.
  • To help facilitate the dissemination of translational research on a global level.
  • To improve the existing infrastructures in the sector of advanced materials
  • To build modern technology for the market.