Advanced Materials Congress

An international platform with unparalleled prestige for academia and industries to indulge in extensive scientific discussions to establish a highly interactive Advanced Materials Community. In ten years of its establishment, Advanced Materials Congress (AMC) have actively created a global forum straddling across Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and America to achieve together the agenda of the decade, 2030, ‘The Advancement of Materials for a Sustainable and Greener World’.

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Celebrating Ten Glorious Years of AMC
  • Advanced Materials Congress, AMC has successfully conducted 32 assemblies until February 2020 to promote advanced materials in both academia and industry.
  • Established as a ‘Flagship Global Conference with principal motive to be Accessible for All’ having Onsite-Online-On-demand Hybrid Setups in the field of Advanced Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology.
  • The upcoming assemblies of Advanced Materials Congress, AMC steps towards the “Advancement of materials to sustainable and green world”.
  • About 16000 delegates from more than 100 countries took part, conducted more than 7000 plenaries, keynote, and invited lectures from over 2500 premier organizations.
  • More than 5000 young scientists and about 4500 women researchers took part in the AMC activities.
  • Introduced highly interactive formats, Knowledge Experience at Sea and Live Knowledge at Web.
  • Provides a global network, gives access to valuable resources, and develop amazing long term collaboration opportunities.
  • Connects students, young researchers, leading scientists from academia and industries, policy makers, government representatives to discuss the advancement of materials to global excellence.
  • The AMC assemblies create worldwide consortiums of translational research and innovation to bridge the gap between academia and industry by building up World R&D Links.
  • Demonstrated the super interdisciplinary knowledge sharing international forums in the multi-inter-trans area of cutting-edge materials science, engineering, and technology.
About AMC

Advanced Materials Congress, AMC is the forerunner conference of the International Association of Advanced Materials. It started in 2011 with the motto of advancing materials by building highly interactive platform for researchers, professionals, scientists, students, business giants, policy makers, and various organizations active in the field from all over the world to facilitate discussions on the new research, innovations, and technology in the sphere of advanced materials science, engineering, and technology.

The Advanced Materials Congress has successfully created a global forum spanning across the continents of Asia, Europe, Australia, and USA for the advancement of materials to global excellence. Marking the 10th anniversary, it’s a matter of great pride that the Advanced Materials Congress has been hosted successfully with the participation of more than 16000 delegates from over 100 countries and 7000 lectures from more than 2500 premier organizations in its past assemblies held in global cities such as Orlando, Miami, Jinan, Stockholm, Izmir, Helsinki, New Delhi, Singapore, Sydney, and many more. The AMC organizes conferences in the following demographical and topical themes:

What to Expect at AMC

Advanced Materials Congress, AMC has been a far-reaching platform to promote communication and collaboration in the advanced materials community, we invite delegates, speakers, young researchers, and students from different countries. Imagine a beautiful set up amidst the Sea far away from the madding crowd with scientific elites from every corner of the world and enlightening discussions on various path breaking ideas in the advent of the new science world with the motto of establishing a highly interactive Advanced Materials community. It is an enormously powerful attempt to infuse and expand the knowledge of Advanced Materials Science, Engineering and Technology among the brilliant minds in and around the world.

The highly interactive experience provides everyone with a plethora of ideas and thoughts to contribute to a better world for innovation, new discoveries, and excellence. Here you can find a brilliant set up to create a highly interactive network of researchers, students and professionals from the academia and industries working in the various interdisciplinary fields of advanced materials science, engineering, and technology. It aims at building a worldwide network with advancement of materials to global excellence. The young and the upcoming scientists and researchers gets a chance to indulge in prestigious discussions with the leaders of the different fields and get international exposure to shine bright in their respective fields.

The Formats of AMC

Advanced Material Congress provides a global platform for interactive discussions and technical sessions to emphasize the aspects of synthesis, characterization, properties, and application of advanced materials. It runs with ‘Onsite (Physical)- Online (LIVE)- On-demand’ Hybrid Setups using integrated conference technology that generates opportunity among delegates to extend their presence with respect to exchange of research networking, discussion, and publication more accessible than ever before. The advanced materials continental and thematic congresses are dedicated to continuously exploring all the recent breakthroughs and progresses made interns of research, innovations, and discoveries in the world of subject area of materials science, engineering, and technology.

Originally AMC conferences were conducted on land in collaboration with renowned universities and other organizations but sooner IAAM struck up revolutionary ideas to make these conferences the first of a kind and hence the renowned “Knowledge Experience of Sea” turned into reality. Under this format dedicated conferences were organized on well-equipped Conference Centre on the cruise ships amidst majestic seas to provide once in a lifetime experiences to the attendees with science and nature coming into perfect harmony. The future science and technology world will always mark this format of Congress as a Red-letter day and it will always be one of the best experiences for every delegate attending any conference.

To mark the 10th anniversary of IAAM, it is all set to expand its wings and organize the largest online material congress named the Advanced Materials WebCongress. In the very first phase, the AM Web was hosted annually at Live Knowledge at Web format as many as 1000 hours with esteemed participants from more than 150 countries all around the world since 2020. It is held with an aim to facilitate the smooth functioning of the supply chain of the scientific knowledge in these distressing times. There will be various topics included like the Nanomaterial and Nanotechnology Energy Materials, Catalysis Science, Engineering and Technology, Environmental and Green Materials, Biomaterials and Biodevices, Polymer Science and Technology, Electronic, Magnetic, and Optical Materials, Structural and Engineering Materials, etc.

The Past AMC Reports

The 10 glorious of IAAM has been a wonderful journey establishing new milestones in every Congress held in different parts of the world. In 2011, IAAM introduced the ‘Advanced Materials Congress’. The first ever assembly of AMC was organized in China and had proved to be an amazing success. After that it was no turning back. AMC has proved itself to be one of the forerunners in the field of conferences where the scientific elites from all over the world come together every now and then to hold discussions on the most important developments in the field of materials science, engineering, and technology. These glorious ten years of AMC has seen the brilliant success of the holding of conferences in every nook and corner of the world organized with principal motive to Accessible for All having Onsite-Online-On-demand Hybrid Setups in the field of Advanced Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology. The AMC Hybrid Setups has made super easy and comfortable for delegates from all over the World to take part in the conferences aimed at expanding the knowledge of Advanced Materials. The AMC has proved to be a brilliant platform in the Materials World where the scientific elites come together every now and then in different comfortable set ups and held discussions on the most important developments in the field.

Advanced Materials Congress

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