IAAM Youth Council

IAAM Youth Council is a platform meant to empower youth development and to help them become great leaders, especially in the scientific world. IAAM believes that skilled and empowered young researchers of today have the power to change the world tomorrow, given the right guidance.

IAAM’s members work in the academia pursuing a variety of interests and in different job roles. IAAM leverages this vast network of experienced researchers into providing career services and opportunities to students tailored according to the stage they are at in their careers.

IAAM Youth Council is a not-for-profit body that works to provide young researchers pursuing graduation, master’s, or even doctorates, opportunities of education, internships, training, and networking at a global level. The council strives to help these researchers  achieve their aspirations in the world of science and also prepare the scientific elites of tomorrow by nurturing them at the delicate stage of college.

Why be a part of IAAM Youth Council?

Build a global network

IAAM’s network is all about sharing knowledge and forming connections. As a member of the IAAM Youth Council, you get the precious opportunity to meet experts of the scientific world and also young professionals on a single platform. With access to such a rich network of International Association of Advanced Materials that includes renowned researchers and young professionals, you get to build connections that prove to be really helpful in stimulating the advancement of your career.

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Access to valuable resources

As a member of IAAM Youth Council, you get access to valuable opportunities to strengthen your knowledge base, including access to IAAM’s international journals: Advanced Materials Letters and Advanced Materials Proceedings. With these journals, college students can get access to highly intensive research articles written by renowned researchers around the world. These research papers and articles really help the youth pursuing education in scientific fields such as materials science, nanotechnology, etc. to enhance their understanding of the concerned area of science and make good choices regarding the career.

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Training Opportunities

IAAM is of the opinion that it is imperative for college students and young professionals to get great opportunities in order to succeed. With this aim, International Association of Advanced Materials leverages its Youth Council to offer the members prestigious training and internship opportunities. With a network of globally renowned experts and technocrats, IAAM offers the finest quality of scientific training to young college students. The training modules for college students are prepared keeping in mind the area of expertise and in alignment with the career aspirations. The trainings and internship opportunities help the young professionals develop new skills, learn new methods and advance in the field of materials science and engineering.

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