Regional Chapters

International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) works to advance the fields of materials science, engineering, and technology around the world. In this esteemed venture, our regional chapters expedite the accumulative flow of knowledge and collaboration perpetuated to facilitate advancements of materials and technology. To achieve this aim, IAAM has established five regional chapters in the five major continents to connect better and promote the growth of science and technology materials. The primary aim of regional chapters is to create multi-inter-trans disciplinary activities for strengthening the advanced materials community in these regions.

By establishing these regional chapters, IAAM has made valuable resources, services, and knowledge more accessible on the ground. IAAM has recognized that global cooperation is crucial for the academia and business world. Therefore, the organization holds committed events, establishes links with researchers and business communities from all over the world. By doing so, IAAM connects the best research outcomes from different regions with each other. Our regional chapters also help the members get a lot more benefits, in addition to those that they already appreciate. Over the years, IAAM regional chapters have proved to be instrumental in establishing global cooperation among the advanced materials professionals and related businesses. Locations of regional chapters of IAAM in the USA, Sweden, South Africa, Singapore, and Sydney.

Asia Chapter

The Asian Regional Chapter of the IAAM is a dedicated attempt of the International Association of Advanced Materials to give an impetus to the advanced materials research and business prospects in the Asian continent. Over the years, IAAM has made significant advancements in the region that have led to an accelerated growth of the sphere of advanced materials in Asia.

IAAM marked its presence in Asia when it organized the first assembly of Advanced Materials Congress in the year 2011. The assembly was hosted by Jinan University, China, and was attended by twelve hundred of delegates from all over the world. The best brains of the advanced materials community had arrived from all over the world to grace the prestigious conference with their presence. IAAM went on to organize multiple international conferences in Singapore and India in the years ahead. Since these international conferences were attended by scientific elites, the local materials science communities of these countries got the chance to grow at an expedited rate. The Association created Asian advanced Materials Award annually as the highest recognition of the continent for significant works and contributions to materials science research.

Europe Chapter

The European Chapter has made significant strides in multiple European countries in order to achieve its goal of strengthening the world of European Materials community. This regional chapter has been one of the busiest ones among the several run by International Association of Advanced Materials.

IAAM has hosted more than 20 international conferences in the continent of Europe in the last ten years. The city of Nobel, Stockholm, has been one of the centres of the activities carried out and events organized by the organization in this region. With the help of such a high number of international events, IAAM has successfully established one of the largest networks of Advanced Materials researchers in the world. We have successfully promoted multi-inter-trans-disciplinary research, innovation, and technology in the region and stimulated highly vital research. In the last decade, the European materials community has been the recipient to a plethora of high-yield collaboration opportunities because of this chapter. The association created European advanced Materials Award as the highest annual recognition in the continent to recognize the best scientific contributions.

America Chapter

It was very early that IAAM recognized the enormous potential American continents have for scientific and technological advancement. Keeping in line with our aim of taking the sphere of advanced materials to new heights by igniting growth on all continents, the American chapter of IAAM was established.

IAAM marked its presence in America when it organized an assembly of Advanced Materials Congress in Miami, USA, in the year 2016. The conference marked the beginning of a prolific journey of scientific exploration on American soil. Having organized multiple conferences so far in major cities of the American continent, IAAM is growing at the speed of knots in terms of connecting the world with the materials science community of America. This regional chapter of IAAM is bound to bring about significant positive changes in the quality of materials research and business interests in the region. The association created American advanced Materials Award as the highest annual recognition in the continent to recognize the significant research and contributions.

Australia Chapter

IAAM’s Australian Chapter is meant to give the required impetus and acceleration to advanced materials research and related business activities in the Australian continent. It is part of the organization’s attempt to strengthen the advanced materials sphere globally.

Expanding its wings in the Australian chapter, IAAM organized the 32nd assembly of Advanced Materials Congress in Sydney, Australia. The assembly proved to be a highly successful in expanding the knowledge of Advanced Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology. The intensive discussions in the conference strengthened the roots or the organization in Australia. It also created a surge in the responsiveness of researchers, academicians, business giants, and students in the region. The conference presented a balanced amalgamation of a lot of core subject areas and fields of study. It has also given the perfect start for IAAM’s multidisciplinary activities in the region. The association has also created Australian advanced Materials Award as the highest annual recognition in the continent for the materials science community.

Africa Chapter

Recognizing the potential and possibilities of advancement in the African continent, IAAM has established its regional chapter in Africa as well. This chapter will be utilized by the organization to create a rapid surge in the region and make possible the dissemination of materials research and business cooperation in the region. In the year 2021, IAAM has scheduled an international conference in the highly renowned city of Cape Town, South Africa. The conference will connect the scientific elites of the world to the growing materials community of the region.

The Africa chapter will create abundant possibilities of advancement and growth of the advanced materials community in Africa.