Research & Development

International Association of Advanced Materials is dedicated to continuously providing international platforms for educational research and development to the materials science community around the world. The association offers training, education, memberships, and scholarships to researchers, students, and professionals in the academic community. These research activities are done with an aim to enhance the scientific environment and achieve the broader goal of ‘Advancement of Materials to Global Excellence’.

Over the last decade, IAAM has risen up the ladder and is widely regarded as a quality international research foundation. The organization provides industrial training, consultancy, and services for materials engineering and technology. IAAM strives to form collaborations with other organizations over projects involving development of new materials that can help in the design and creation of sustainable technology. With a global network that comprises of brilliant and path-breaking researchers, IAAM is more than equipped to carry out truly valuable research and development endeavours.

Research & Development | IAAM

Our offerings:

International Association of Advanced Materials offers a wide range of R&D and consultancy services in areas such as translation research and innovations, technology transfer, infrastructure developments by facilitating development in new age sci-tech meant for industrial empowerment. IAAM has maintained its advanced materials science and technology outreach activities as a result of its healthy collaborations with some of the top researchers, institutions, and experts around the world. To promote and inspire a better quality of Research & Development in the industry, IAAM creates opportunities for global networking for members of academia and industry, especially in the sectors of energy, materials, environment, transportation, electronics, and healthcare.

Keeping the global scenario in mind, IAAM strives to design and optimize materials through interdisciplinary research of broad disciplines in order to enhance the quality of human life. The association also makes sure that specific research themes of advanced materials science, engineering, and technology such as Materials Science and Nanotechnology, Composite Materials, Technological Interfaces, etc. continue to be a top priority in the industry.

Our network of technocrats is dedicated to addressing and resolving global issues by embarking on technological endeavours. The extensive R&D activities that we have carried out in the past have successfully turned into results and helped in the upgrading of skills and knowledge levels in the existing infrastructure.