The 15th Anniversary of Advancing Materials

The International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM and Org. nr. 802503-6784) was established on January 20, 2010, as a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of materials science, engineering, and technology. With the guiding principle of promoting excellence in the field of advanced materials, IAAM has been actively fostering a dynamic community of researchers for a decade and a half. The organization is committed to facilitating international networking, collaborations, and joint ventures aimed at accelerating scientific progress. IAAM's efforts are particularly focused on leveraging advanced materials to address critical global issues. IAAM organizes global research and educational events to promote growth in advanced materials science, engineering, and technology. Celebrating its fifteenth anniversary in 2024, IAAM reflected on a 15th year of significant achievements. Currently, the organization is placing a strong emphasis on sustainable and green materials and technology, aligning with its motto for the current decade: ‘Advancement of Materials to a Sustainable and Green World’.

The organization is dedicated to building a vibrant international network that fosters collaboration among researchers, students, and individuals from academia, industry, policymakers, governance, and civil society. This collaborative effort spans the interdisciplinary domains of advanced materials science, engineering, and technology. IAAM has strived to enhance the field of advanced materials, culminating in a global network committed to achieving excellence. IAAM's worldwide leadership in advancing materials, its diverse membership, and the influential role of IAAM Fellows in shaping the field's future are depicted in IAAM’s circle infographics. As the association marks a decade of existence, we reflect on its remarkable journey and the collective contributions of institutes, industries, members, and delegates. These contributions have elevated IAAM to its current prestigious status.

The 15th Anniversary of Advancing Materials | IAAM

The International Association of Advanced Materials believes that scientific knowledge and research should be accessible to people globally. To support this vision, IAAM publishes open-access journals and books on a not-for-profit basis. These initiatives ensure that the global materials science community stays informed about the latest advancements and progress in the scientific field. By offering free access to its publications, IAAM fosters an environment conducive to innovation, learning, and pioneering. IAAM's global journey reflects its progress across continents and demonstrates its timeline for achieving milestones. In summary, during the last 15 years, IAAM has been instrumental in removing obstacles to knowledge access, greatly contributing to the professional growth of individuals in the fields of materials science, engineering, and technology.

Over the past fifteen years | IAAM

Over the past fifteen years, the International Association of Advanced Materials has orchestrated a series of strategic expansions and initiatives that have significantly advanced the field of materials toward global excellence. The IAAM's journey has been characterized by a string of productive assemblies and the establishment of important institutions, each of which has contributed to the field of advanced materials. The first AMC World Assembly in 2011, which Jinan University in China hosted, and the Asian AMC Assembly in the same year, which Delhi University in India hosted, were crucial in bringing the scientific community of the continent together. The American AMC Assembly in 2016 in Miami, USA, and the European AMC Assembly in 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden, served as platforms for fostering international collaborations and showcasing cutting-edge research. The founding of the IAAM Head Office in 2016 in Sweden symbolized a commitment to long-term growth and the centralization of expertise. The opening of the IAAM Asia Pacific Head Office in 2022 in China further solidified this commitment. The AMC Australian Assembly in Sydney in 2020 and the African AMC Assembly in South Africa in 2017 both served as markers of Australia's engagement, underscoring IAAM's commitment to embracing the diverse scientific landscape of Africa. The upcoming Latin America AMC Assembly in 2024 promises to extend this inclusive approach further.

Significant institutes such as the Institute of Advanced Materials and the Institute of AI & Robotics, both established in Ulrika, Sweden, in 2015 and 2019 respectively, reflect IAAM's focus on multidisciplinary research. The International Institute of Water and the Institute of Translational Research and Innovation was inaugurated in 2023, highlighting the importance of sustainable technology and resource management. IAAM has been at the forefront of knowledge dissemination through its non-profit open-access journals. Advanced Materials Letters, initiated in 2010 and published in Sweden, was followed by its proceedings in 2019 and the innovative Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials in 2020, introducing a multimedia approach to scientific publishing.

By hosting Parallel Event W119 at the UN 2023 Water Conference at the UN Headquarters in New York, USA, and taking part in the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) that the United Nations Climate Change is hosting in Dubai, UAE, in 2023, the association further demonstrated its global influence. The Middle East AMC Assembly in 2022, hosted by Abu Dhabi University in the UAE, expanded IAAM's reach into the Middle East. Continuing its commitment to innovation, IAAM hosted the Translational Research and Innovation Conference in 2021 in China and continued to engage the scientific community through the Baltic Conference Series in 2017 and the World Conference Series in 2018.

Honors such as the Researcher of the Year award in 2016, the Advanced Materials Laureate in 2013, the Advanced Materials Award in 2011, and the IAAM Medal in the same year, have recognized individuals who have made groundbreaking contributions to the field. The IAAM's comprehensive and dynamic approach over the past fifteen years has not only advanced the science of materials but has also built a robust global community dedicated to innovation and sustainability in this crucial scientific domain.

**Some of the contents in the blog have been reproduced with permission from the editorial by Ashutosh Tiwari, Celebrating 15th Anniversary of Advancement of Materials to Sustainable and Green World, DOI: 10.5185/amlett.2024.011738

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